Casa Lasevicius, 70% Terrua Tuere, Francisco Cruz

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A very special bar made with cocoa from Terruá Tuerê, a region of Pará in the Amazon that has offered extremely quality cocoa to the world of bean-to-bar chocolate. A happy combination of genetics, terruá and human management. A cocoa that was recently selected to represent Brazil at the Cocoa International Awards 2021. It is a 100% sustainable production cocoa based on good agricultural practices, its cultivation in an agroforestry system is carried out in areas degraded by pastures or other crops, where around In 4 years it recovers the flora, fauna, water springs and becomes an immense system for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. A fair, sustainable cocoa with high sensorial value.

Sensory experience: notes of red fruits and caramel.

Varietal: Mix of Trinitários hybrids
Origin: Tuerê Settlement - New Repartimento - Pará
Producer: Francisco Pereira Cruz

Ingredients: Cocoa beans and Cane Sugar. Cocoa content Minimum: 70%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 40g