Barre Clandestine

Barre Clandestine, 73% Kilombero Tanzania

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Based in Gallargues-le-Montueux in Occitanie, France, Barre Clandestine was founded in 2022 by Émilie and Emmanuel. Émilie is a great chocolate lover, who, on discovering that only a handful of passionate craftsmen made their chocolate from the bean, wanted to learn this skill. Falling in love with this profession, she could no longer see herself doing anything else: selecting the best beans, imagining recipes to reveal incredible aromas, creating taste emotions... Émilie left a comfortable public sector role, a position of responsibility, to make chocolate, out of passion. Before chocolate, Emmanuel divided his life between two activities: consultant in the energy sector by day and magician by night.  Consulting taught rigor and high standards, whilst magic allowed Emmanuel to cultivate astonishment. "Today, I would like our chocolate to be the synthesis of my personality, both demanding in terms of quality and values, surprising in its taste."


Between the Serengeti plain and Mount Kilimanjaro, the wild valley of Kilombero has optimal climatic conditions for cacau.The cacau trees have exceptional genetic characteristics, from the Trinitario and Neo-Nacional varieties.

Sensory experience: this bean to bring out the tangy flavours of red fruits (cherry, strawberry) and notes of nuts on the finish.

Varietal: Neo-Nacional, Trinitario
Origin: Kilombero, Tanzani

Ingredients: Cocoa beans and Cane Sugar. Cocoa content Minimum: 73%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 60g