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Maya Mountain Cacao (MMC) was founded in 2010 as Uncommon’s first origin project, and is majority-owned by Uncommon Cacao. It was the first specialty grade, high quality, fine flavor cacao out of Belize.

MMC sources from smallholder farmers in Southern Belize and centralizes the post-harvest processing, marketing, and export. The idea behind this new approach-- Centralized fermentation and drying, and buying wet cacao rather than dry cacao from farming families across the country - was not only to improve quality, but also to create higher prices and better value for farmers. This new model creates completely transparent business transactions and a true direct farm-to-consumer story for any chocolate manufacturer sourcing from Maya Mountain Cacao. MMC's control over the quality and post-harvest processing for the cacao allows the company to produce cacao beans of world class quality and cleanliness from smallholder farmers.

 The cacao growing on the Maya Mountains is surrounded by banana and avocado trees.

In this chocolate there are notes of blackberry, raisin and chocolate brownie, with a subtle buttery finish.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa beans, Organic Cane Sugar. Cocoa Minimum: 70%

* May contain traces of milk.

Weight: 50g