Feitoria do Cacao

Feitoria do Cacao,Pastel de Nata 57%

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 Pastel de Natal is one of the must popular Portuguese pastry. You can find it in any cafe, but its origins dates back to the Pasteis de Belem factory. The factory was founded in 1837, where it inherited at the time the ancestral recipe from the Jeronimos monastery and till today its original recipe is maintain as secret.

The crispy puff pastry, the cream with a subtle touch of lemon, and on top of the slightly burned cream always a pinch of cinnamon. A perfect combination of flavours to harmonizar with the Feitorias 57% Nicaragua chocolate.

Ingredients: Cacau beans from Nicaragua, Cacau Butter, Cane Sugar, Powder milk, puff pastry (wheat flour, rye flour, butter, milk, water & salt), Lemon essential oil.

Skim Milk Powder and Whole Milk Powder.

Cacau content Minimum 57%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 50g