CacaoSuyo, 70% Chuncho Peru

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“The best kept secret of the Incas,” made at origin in Peru.

Undoubtedly the most award-winning chocolate maker in Latin America, Cacaosuyo was founded in 2012 by two Peruvian entrepreneurs: Eduardo Lanfranco and Samir Giha. Minimally processed chocolate bars express each Peruvian cacao strain’s genetics in crystal clear surround sound. Their unrivaled attention to detail and direct trade practices are key in improving lives of producers and preserving rare varietals that would otherwise be lost to more industrial, “productive” strains.

Cacaosuyo’s Chuncho Cuzco bar is crafted from cacao from the area around Andean city of Cusco.  The cocoa from this region is known as cacao chuncho, named after the jungle zone of Chunchada. They’re widely regarded as one of the top beans coming from Peru, with a fine aroma that is greatly superior to the hybrid varietals from the country.Made from rare beans grown deep within the Peruvian jungle, this is a bar that impresses from the outset.  This intense 70% cacao bar with a coarse texture.

Sensory experience: dark chocolate with a pleasantly acid taste, with aromatic notes of citrus fruits and berries.

Varietal: Mix of Trinitários hybrids
Origin: Chuncho, Peru

Ingredients: Cocoa beans and Cane Sugar. Cocoa content Minimum: 70%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 70g