Zotter, Labooko, Belize 72%

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Two chocolates in one package!

Set sail for the environment! This cacao spent more than two months travelling from Belize to Hamburg on the sailboat Avontuur, a completely emission-free journey. On board the legendary Maya cacao, used to create a mild, sweet single origin chocolate with a 72% cacao content. The Maya, a sailboat and organic cacao - a magical mix producing a chocolate which combines tradition with future innovation while flying new flags for environmental protection.

Fragrance notes: tender fruit mix, subtle notes of olive and cinnamon
Taste notes: surprisingly sweet and mild, caramelised nuts, sweet condensed milk, mild floral note, blackberries, a grape hull and malt finish.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Cane Sugar and Cocoa butter. Cocoa & Cocoa butter content Minimum: 72%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 2 x 35gr