Luisa's Vegan

Luisa's Vegan, Colombia 66%

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This Colombia bar is part of an amazing project. Luisa’s motto is that Luisa need high quality beans to make award-winning chocolate. For that and alongside the University of Nottingham, they are using science and DNA sequencing to discover what makes a great Bean. Using her scientific knowledge, Luisa travelled to Colombia to share and teach her knowledge with the farmers. She is involved in a program to empower the female farmers to use their land for cacao, coined “the Peace Crop”, rather than cocaine and take ownership of their land.

The first crop when Luisa arrived in Colombia made a bland and bitter chocolate, soon after using Luisa’s knowledge to implement the necessary means to cultivate premium cacau, everyone started noticing the difference in the Colombia bars and today this bar is an awarded chocolate by the The Great Taste, The International Chocolate Awards and The Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Taste Notes: Fruity, Nutty & Spicy

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Unrefined Sugar and Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Minimum: 66%

* May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 50g