Dick Taylor

Dick Taylor, Limited Edition Mexico Soconusco 72%

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Dick Taylor, Mexico Soconusco 72% Dark Chocolate is the first Dick Taylor bar using Cacau from Mexico. Dick Taylor Chocolate is honored to be working with such a unique cacao origin, building on the foundation laid by centuries of growth and cultivation. The terroir of where this chocolate is grown shines brightly in this bar, drawing attention to its complex flavors. The cacao itself displays flavor notes of persimmon, fudge, prunes, and molasses. Adding only a touch of organic cane sugar to the cacao, to allow the nuances of these flavors to shine through without distracting with any other ingredients. We hope this bar connects you to the history and appreciation of some of the oldest cacao on the continent.  


Ingredients: Cocoa beans from  and Cane Sugar. Cocoa content Minimum: 72%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 57g