Zotter, Labooko, Peru 70% Milk chocolate

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Two chocolates in one package!

A milk chocolate with a 70% cacao content, 22% milk and 8% raw cane sugar invites you to experience a veritable cacao power display. It’s made with Peruvian fine flavour cacao but is surprisingly soft, with a distinct flavour of creamy caramel accompanied by a mild raw cane sugar sweetness.

Fragrance notes: intensely chocolatey, nutty, almond scent
Taste notes: nutty with distinct notes of creamy caramel, mild sweetness, with a strong cacao aroma but very mild and without any acidity

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Full cream milk powder,Cocoa butter, Cane Sugar and vanilla powder. Cocoa & Cocoa butter content Minimum: 70%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 2 x 35gr