Chocolate Naive

Chocolate Naive, Nano-Lot Patiburro

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Nano_Lot cocoas are available on an extremely limited basis and consequently only at specific times of the year, meaning once they are gone, they are gone. Those that Naive has chosen to feature boast the highest ratings, are of rarest quantities and provide the unique tasting experience.

This cacao is another exciting member of Naive's white nano lot cacao chocolate series. It was recently discovered by an expedition not the Magdalena Medio Antioqueño region, Colombia. It attracted the attention of the quality team due to the unique flavour notes of the fruit's fresh pulp, which tastes like purple flowers, apples and overripe bananas. The Cacao was named after a local Patiburro hill that is famous for moon gazing, hikes, chocolate, camping and also the kite festival in August.

Ingredients: Colombian cocoa , cane sugar, cocoa butter*
* = BIO

Weight: 57 grams